Museum Partners

Acknowledging our partners

As a federal Crown Corporation, the Museum receives its operational funding from the Government of Canada.

In every sense, this museum has been a team effort on a grand scale, from the thousands who have supported the project with their ideas to the thousands more who have supported the project with their financial generosity, including

  • The Government of Canada ;
  • The  Government of Manitoba ;
  • The City of Winnipeg ;
  • The Forks Renewal Corporation ;
  • The Friends of the Canadian Museum for Human Rights and ;
  • The private sector.       

Virtual exhibit partners

The virtual exhibit – “Everyone Has a Right: A Canadian and the Words that Changed the World” – was made possible thanks to the participation and support of Library and Archives Canada and McGill University Archives.
Specialists from these institutions helped identify relevant historical artefacts. Technical staff digitized the selected material.
Canadian Heritage Information Network (CHIN)
The CHIN team provided valuable support services during this project, including visibility gained through the Virtual Museum of Canada portal.