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Monday, September 16, 2013

Is there something you would like to ask us? Well, get ready because September 18 is #AskaCuratorDay. It’s an international day where visitors can post their questions online to curators from museums around the world. For the first time, the Canadian Museum for Human Rights (CMHR) will be taking part in the event along with 471 museums from 34 countries around the globe – the list continues to grow.

What do you have to do to participate?

This international chat aims to enable curators and professionals from cultural organisations to connect with the members of the public. The event is open to anyone working in cultural places and it’s a great way to ask questions on topics that you’re curious about. Questions can range from a wide variety of topics: from the concept of an idea museum, to what are the unknowns of being a curator or how many galleries we will have inside the Museum. To be involved, use the hashtag #AskaCurator on Twitter.  You can tweet us questions using @CMHR_News.


Travis Tomchuk
Dr. Travis Tomchuk will answer your questions

For this event, Dr. Travis Tomchuk, one of our curators, will answer your questions between 9 am and 5 pm. He began his role as Researcher-curator with the CMHR in January 2012. As a member of the Museum’s Research and Curation team, Travis has been involved with the research for exhibits and programs relating to Canada’s human rights history.

Here are some tips for making the most of Ask a Curator Day:

  • Asking a question out of the blue can be intimidating. "I'm interested in ___. Can you tell me more about it?" is a classic style.
  • With a 140-character limit, Twitter doesn't provide space for lengthy questions or answers. Want to know the symbolism behind the unique architecture of the Museum? Read our blog on the topic. You might also find the answers to other question in our previous blog entries.  
  • If your question doesn't relate to the CMHR, check out which other museums are participating

The Museum may not be open yet, but the online conversation has already started. At all time, you can join the conversation online by liking our Facebook page and following us on Twitter.

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