Mid-way through the CMHR Facebook photo contest

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Two weeks ago the CMHR launched its first photo contest on Facebook. As we are now mid-way through the contest, we’d like to provide you with a little more information about why we organized it.

Why did the CMHR organize a photo contest?

Numerous amateur photographers currently take pictures of the Museum and share them on social media. The Museum’s team members are often blown away by the beauty and quality of the photos as well as the talent of those taking the photos. We are happy to share these photos on our social media sites, but we were trying to come up with other ways of promoting fan photos while also recognizing the creators of the photos. Thus, the photo contest was born!

How are we doing mid-way through?

18 photos from 18 different photographers are currently in the contest and more than 250 votes have been counted. The three photos with the most votes by July 29th at midnight will win a prize!

  • First prize is a point and shoot Panasonic Lumix FP3 camera and the opportunity to have your photo displayed as the CMHR’s facebook timeline photo.
  • Second prize is a CMHR messenger bag.
  • Third prize is a CMHR hoodie.

The photo currently in first place has accumulated more than 120 votes, the photo currently in second place has about 50 votes, and there are many photos neck-and-neck for third place. 

To check out all of the photos and vote for your favorite(s) visit http://bit.ly/Mt4b2o.

Who will the three big winners be? Could it be you?

You have until July 29th to enter! Click here to submit your photo and invite your friends to vote for your photo by using the share button to the right of your photo.

Good luck!

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