Museum staff run, walk, bike and rollerblade in support of human rights

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Two weeks ago, Run for Rights, an annual fundraising event, was organized in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Four employees of the Canadian Museum for Human Rights – Heather, Lyndsay, Catherine and Mallory - took part in the event as a team. Together, they ran, cycled, rollerbladed, and walked in support of human rights causes close to their hearts.

Heather Pratt, Divisional Assistant, Museum Experience at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, was one of them. She talks to us about her experience.


Q: Heather, do you need to be a sporty person to take part in the course? Are there different options?

Heather: The course was split into two routes, so you had the option of completing 5 km or 10 km. Children walked with their parents, rode their bikes or rollerbladed. You didn’t have to be athletic at all!

I walked while Mallory and Catherine ran and Lyndsay rollerbladed.


Mallory and Catherine
Mallory and Catherine running in support of human rights causes close to their hearts


Q: Did you reach your goals?

Heather: Yes, I feel like I was able to gain perspective during this event. Representatives from Amnesty International and other human rights organizations provided stickers to participants that said, “I am running for…” In some cases they referred to particular individuals and their circumstances, in others they referred to rights and freedoms that we are lucky enough to have here in Winnipeg but that not everyone can enjoy. Most people affixed the stickers to their shirts, so as you were participating in the event there was a lot to read and learn.

I think it’s sometimes difficult to remember that I am lucky in many ways, and that there are more advantages in my life than disadvantages. Participating in this event really solidified this idea for me. Sometimes it is good to get a little perspective.


Equipe du MCD
The Run for Rights CMHR team (from left to right): Heather, Lyndsay, Mallory and Catherine

Q: Would you like to participate again next year?

Heather: Yes, I absolutely would like to do it again next year! I have already had some people ask me to keep them loop when the event comes around again so that they can join our team. We were able to raise $718 for various human rights organizations this year, and I would like to try and double that amount next year. This event is one great way to take action for human rights. 

I had a great time, made even better by my teammates. Thank you to my team and to everyone that donated for making our participation a success.

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