The positive impact of fair trade

Tuesday, April 28, 2015
Fair Trade products at the Museum’s Boutique. Photo: Dan Harper / CMHR

May is Fair Trade Month, an important opportunity to highlight why the Museum’s Boutique is committed to Fair Trade initiatives. Fair Trade is a market-based system set up to help producers in developing countries achieve better trading conditions and better/fairer prices for their products, and to promote sustainability. The Fair Trade movement in Canada and around the world aims to promote and support the sale of fairly traded products in the local marketplace.

The Museum Boutique sources only those products developed in an ethical manner, as we support the human beings behind the goods. You can shop at our boutique with conscience and confidence that the products we sell have been produced by artisans and workers who are paid a living wage for their labour and goods.

A hand using a sewing machine.
Artisan working on a hand-crafted bag; these bags are available at the Museum’s Boutique. Photo: Fibres of Life

Work done to develop, promote and enforce fair trade practices has positively impacted on the lives of women and youth in the garment and sports ball industry in South Asia, in the coffee, sugar and banana industries in Latin America, and in the cocoa industry in West Africa. Fair trade results in long-term positive relationships, and growing independence for producers and their communities.

From bags to jewelry to tea to mini soccer balls, and of course chocolate and coffee, we showcase a wide selection of Fair Trade-certified products.

Saturday, May 9, 2015 is World Fair Trade Day! Celebrate the Power of You!

You have the power to transform the way companies do business. A consumer selects a product. A Fair Trade consumer chooses a better future.

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