School for Human Rights (3rd edition)

February 17 to 25, 2018

Building on the success of the first two editions, the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, the Institut international des droits de l’Homme et de la paix, and Université de Saint-Boniface (USB) are holding an École des droits de la personne (School for Human Rights) from February 17-25, 2018, in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

The École des droits de la personne is an opportunity for 12 youth from France and 12 youth from Canada, aged 18 to 25, to spend a week of immersion at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights. The group will be kept busy with participative workshops, Museum visits, times to reflect and other to develop citizenship projects, cultural visits, and gatherings.

These various learning times will help to reach the goal established by the partners of the École, which is to develop a culture of peace and citizenship through human rights education and intercultural education.



Following on the two previous editions of the École, which had tackled the theme of “cultural rights” and of “diversity and inclusion,” the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, the Institut international des droits de l’Homme et de la paix, and Université de Saint-Boniface propose to examine the theme of “e-citizenship” this year.

New information and communication technologies (NICTs) have disrupted and revolutionized the daily life of each citizen during the last 40 years. The digital age provides a space for expression and has helped some people organize protests, get informed, even vote.

By studying the issues and challenges of the digital era with respect to human rights, the group will reflect and suggest solutions to consolidate the emergence of an e-citizenship that is respectful of human rights and which is included in the approach toward a plural, inclusive and tolerant society.


Provisional programming

Saturday, February 17: Trip to Winnipeg

Sunday, February 18: Acclimatization day

Monday, February 19: Get to know each other and discover the Museum

Tuesday, February 20: Get to know human rights and project development

Wednesday, February 21: E-Citizenship: Freedom of expression and related rights

Thursday, February 22: Teaching about digital tools and using digital tools

Friday, February 23: Completion of projects and cultural outing

Saturday, February 24: Presentation of project and end of the École

Sunday, February 25: Participants depart – those traveling to France will arrive in Paris on Monday, February 26, 2018


The École des droits de la personne will be held during Winnipeg’s Festival du Voyageur, the largest winter festival in Western Canada. Time will be reserved to visit the festival during the week of February 19, 2018.



The application process for the 3rd edition of École des droits de la personne (School for Human Rights) is now closed. Stay tuned for next year’s edition!

Participants coming to the École from France must be in possession of a valid passport with an expiry date at least six months after the return date (set at February 26, 2018).

Participants will be asked to make a flat-rate contribution of €50 or CAD$75, and will also have to pay part of their meals in Winnipeg. Organizers will cover the cost of travel to Winnipeg, accommodation fees and part of the meals. All activities planned in connection with the École will also be looked after by the organizers.

By applying for the École, you authorize the project partners to use your image for promotional purposes for the project and for the partners, but not for commercial uses.

Information:  www.humanrights.ca and www.2idhp.eu