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From Naples to Saskatchewan

I am an italian man ,now 66 years old.I lived all my life in the deep south of the country where to be gay was something to be hidden at any cost, and where the only places to meet other men where the toilets of the stations…and always with the terror of meeting the wrong person, or a gang hunting for some fun…my father too ,when he had some suspect, used to call me ‘fag’…i was a teacher of history of art ,and architect always afraid to come 0ut..as the italian schools, the small towns where i teached would never accepted my way of love.

We were a group of 10 classmates and we spent years together after school, sharing love for opera, travelling,art….only when the life divided us, many years later, we discovered we were all gays…but even with such a daylife together we had never had the courage to talk about..

I had my stories, happy and sad,but with no future…not a house together, not any right….Then on internet i met Grant..from Saskatchewan (I i had to look on a book to understand where this place was in the world)..for 5 years we met everyday on internet and every three months in Canada or Italy…he wanted to immigrate to my city, where i was still working, but the italian law doesn’t give the marriage or the family immigration to gays…we tried to find a job for him,but useless, Italy is now a very closed place for legal immigration….so we married in Vancuover, the same day that the Queen signed the same sex  marriage bill in Canada.My sister, the only person I have in my family, came to smile with us..also if i knew that she was worried she would be alone in the future…(but with skype we talk today much more than we did in all our lifes…and distance is not so terrible today)

I decided to wait for three years more, so i could be retired,and I i left ,at 59 years old,my country,my family,my friends,everything I had builded in all my life to move to a small town in Saskatchewan to live with the person I love.

It has not been easy,and today it is difficult sometimes too,after 6 years.But I can say that i am a different man now;thanks to Canada i am not afraid to be gay,I am proud of being gay and I dont regret at all my choises.

The age is not important if you want to fight for your rights…maybe it can be little more difficult but I am sure I  did something not only for myself,but for all of us.Thanks Canada.