Be inspired every day

Imagine yourself travelling up glowing ramps and through breathtaking galleries. Imagine yourself in an office surrounded by soaring glass and a mountain of stone. Imagine yourself being inspired every day. 

Imagine yourself in a career at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights.

The Museum is looking for talented people to work in this world-class museum set in one of Canada’s most visually stunning architectural environments. We are seeking individuals who share our passion and commitment to enhancing the public’s understanding of human rights, promoting respect for others and encouraging reflection and dialogue.

A woman dressed in black speaks to people in a Museum gallery which contains giant digital screens.


The CMHR has many inspiring opportunities – whether you are seeking an exciting summer job or embarking on the first step of your chosen career path. We also offer opportunities to work in both official languages: French and English. Here are four entry-level positions that will give you the chance to experience an amazing encounter between architecture and human rights every day: 

Retail Associate

Retail associates are responsible for expanding the visitor’s experience at the Museum Boutique, providing assistance and exceptional service. Working at the Boutique, retail associates greet visitors from around the world every day and deal with the best in ethically sourced goods and products.

A woman stands beside a display table in the Museum’s Boutique.



Hosts work regularly in the Museum’s 11 galleries. While there, hosts greet visitors and ensure their security as well as the security of the exhibits. Hosts also work to educate the public about services, programs and exhibitions offered at the Museum, including our state-of-the-art interactive technology.

People on a terrace near giant glass windows.


Interpretive Guide

Interpretive guides participate in a wide range of activities, from leading tours of the galleries to delivering innovative educational programs. Interpretive guides are very familiar with the ins and outs of the Museum’s exhibits as well as its program offerings.

People in a large hall with benches and electronic displays on the walls.


Program Interpreter

Program interpreters are at the core of the Museum’s educational mandate, delivering multiple educational and public programs and activities to a wide range of audiences. These offerings include school programs, guided tours, in-gallery presentations, dialogue sessions, presentations, performances and more.

People stand around a large table made of computer touch screens.

To learn more about working at the Museum, please visit our Why work for the Museum? and Recruitment Process pages, as well as our Career Opportunities page to see which jobs are currently available. If you are interested in volunteering for the Museum, please visit the Volunteer page.