Find work that matters.

Do you share our passion for human rights and want to help inspire change? Come work with us! We’d love for you to join our team.

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At the Museum, we value diversity and inclusion. We strive to provide a workplace where differences are accepted and celebrated.

Our team is made up of talented people who are passionate about their work. They come from different places and backgrounds. They bring different skills and ideas to the table. Together, we are advancing human rights.

Visit career opportunities to review jobs that are open now. Please let us know if accommodation measures must be taken to enable you to apply and be assessed in a fair and equitable manner.

Once you apply for a specific job or submit a general application, your résumé is received by the Museum’s Human Resources Department. You will be sent an automated acknowledgement indicating your résumé has been successfully submitted. 

We aspire to build a workforce that is representative of the community in which we live and serve. We encourage you to declare your Employment Equity status when applying. There are four designated diversity groups:

  • Women

  • Indigenous peoples

  • Persons with disabilities: persons who have a long‐term or recurring physical, mental, sensory, psychiatric or learning impairment and who 

    • consider themselves to be disadvantaged in employment by reason of that impairment, or 

    • believe that an employer or potential employer is likely to consider them to be disadvantaged in employment by reason of that impairment.

    • This includes persons whose functional limitations owing to their impairment have been accommodated in their current job or workplace.

  • Members of visible minorities, including persons, other than Indigenous persons, who are non‐Caucasian in race or non‐white in colour.

Work in an inspirational environment

The Museum contains thousands of moving human rights stories, all housed within an architectural marvel. Each day brings something new to discover.

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Work with an amazing team

Our team is made up of people from different places, backgrounds and experiences. When each of us brings a unique perspective, we come together to build something greater than the sum of our parts.

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Participate in an ongoing dialogue

Each day at the Museum is an opportunity to connect with our visitors and each other, as we explore ideas around human rights.

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Work in both official languages

The Museum offers opportunities to work in both of Canada’s official languages: French and English. While not all positions are bilingual, you’ll find many opportunities to use your language abilities.

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