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Welcome - Canadian Museum for Human Rights

Inspirational Quote

"My music is made for the people who are willing to stand up to change this world themselves."

Tom Morello, activist and original member of Rage Against the Machine

Black man with aviator glasses playing electric guitar on stage. He has a fierce expression on his face. Partially obscured.

Beyond the Beat: Music of Resistance and Change

Opening February 2, 2024 — Ground‐breaking and history‐making moments when music made a difference.

A digital illustration showing a crowd clapping and raising their hands. The background shows a pixelated green soundwave shape and blue and black graffiti-like designs with neon-coloured diagonal lines radiating out from the center. Partially obscured.

Black history and human rights

Learn about personal and collective acts of resistance and the ongoing fight for equality. Reflect on how we can work to end colonial and racist systems of repression.

 A black and white photo of a movie theatre audience. The picture is taken from the front of the theatre looking towards the back, so the faces of the audience can be seen. Potted palm trees line the walls on each side.

Photo: Hannibal Free Public Library, Steve Chou Tomlinson

Stories that move us Beyond the Beat

Historical and contemporary stories of how music, musicians and audiences move society towards greater justice.

A bunch of ripped black and white paper with layers of multi-coloured pastel strips.

Plan your visit


Dream Big: Music and human rights

February 23, 2024

Cost: This event is free; registration is recommended

Two hands play the keys of a gleaming black Yamaha piano. The pianist, barely shown, wears a long-sleeved black top. Partially obscured.

The Great Moon, kisteyihtowin (respect) and the way we relate

February 25, 2024

Cost: Free, registration required

Five museum visitors look at towering exhibits in the “Indigenous Perspectives” gallery at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights. The nearest is made of wood and features trees, animals and a plaque. Behind the visitors, a rounded theatre built of bent wooden slats is visible. Partially obscured.

Woman, Life, Freedom and the power of collective art

March 8, 2024

Cost: Free

Six marchers carry a long white banner with black capital letters that read WOMAN LIFE FREEDOM down a Toronto city street. Behind them, a parade of women carry other protest signs for international Woman's Day. Partially obscured.

ᑕᐅᑐᒃᑕᕗᒃ Tautuktavuk (What We See)

March 8, 2024 to March 10, 2024

Cost: CMHR Members: Free, General Tickets: $10

Two Inuit women sit in a dim room facing one another in intimate conversation. One is wearing a red sweater, the other a yellow sweater. Partially obscured.


Black Lives Matter and the struggle for racial justice in Canada

By Debra Thompson

A large group of people holding signs with slogans such as “Black Lives Matter,” “Enough is Enough” and “Your Silence is Betrayal.” Partially obscured.

Beyond the Beats and Rhymes Is Life

By Mark V. Campbell (DJ Grumps)

A woman in a grey jacket and darker grey pants is breakdancing on a sidewalk during daytime. Trees and buildings are in the background. Partially obscured.

An interview with Tegan and Sara

By CMHR Curatorial Team

Two people with long hair in high ponytails wearing winter coats pose in the corner of a grey-painted brick room. Partially obscured.

The Amchitka Campaign

By Barbara Stowe

A boat in the water with mountains and clouds in the background. Its sail is decorated with large peace signs. Partially obscured.


Climate Justice

June 2022 to June 2024

A crowd of youth hold protest signs and stand behind a large banner that reads “La Terre Mère,” or “mother earth” in English. Partially obscured.

Explore Canada’s proclamation through augmented reality 

August 2019 to May 2024

A visitor's hands hold a tablet that carries an image of four animated people including a little boy, a young Indigenous woman, a man wearing an apron and a woman judge. Partially obscured.

Explore the Museum from home

Join Museum guides for virtual tours of our exhibits and architecture. Download our mobile app to check out the entire Museum, gallery by gallery. Discover our many special online experiences.

A smiling woman with light skin is filmed on a cell phone. She is wearing a lanyard with the words “Be inspired” and standing in front of an exhibit element made of horizontal strips of wood, some decorated with Indigenous art. Partially obscured.

Photo: CMHR, Scott Gillam