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What acts of kindness have lifted your spirits during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Around the world, COVID-19 is changing the way we live our lives. From the way we connect with family and friends, to the way that we work, change seems to be the one constant. Tell us about people and communities who are facing these challenges with compassion and care.


What acts of kindness have lifted your spirits during the COVID-19 pandemic? List of video responses


Cindy Blackstock | Ottawa

A self-shot photo of a woman looking into the camera, with downtown Ottawa visible behind her.


Robert Daum | Vancouver, BC

A man wearing glasses sitting at a desk.

Be the change you want to see

Rosemary Sadlier | Toronto

A man wearing glasses sitting at a desk.

Clap for carers

Gavin Mallory | Worthing

A self-shot photo of a man wearing glasses looking into the camera.

Creative Communities in the midst of COVID‐19

Loraine MacKenzie Shepherd | Winnipeg, MB

A woman sitting outside in front of a large picture window decorated with colourful signs.

Empathy: we need more of it

Dr. Kawser Ahmed | Winnipeg

A man sitting in front of a bookshelf.

Free little pantry

Sanjeeva and Annaya | Winnipeg, MB

A woman stands outside next to a cabinet holding a variety of canned and packaged food.

Gift of flowers

Rhea Yates | Winnipeg

A woman in a green jacket standing next to containers of cut flowers that sit on a snow-covered lawn.

Neighbourly kindness

John | Winnipeg

A man sitting on a couch.

One Community

Sheilah Lee Restall | Winnipeg, Manitoba

A woman sitting in front of a bookshelf.

Remember to care for Indigenous Communities

Linda Lundstrom | Caledon, Ontario

A woman wearing a colourful shirt standing in front of a mural.

Sharing Wine

Paul Legris | Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada

A self-shot photo of a man wearing a toque and a disposable breathing mask holding a bottle of sparkling wine.

Singing at the window of a friend

Kevin Takahide Lee | Vancouver

A man wearing a hat playing a ukulele on a front porch, outside a large picture window.

La gratitude, un effet secondaire inattendu de la COVID‐19

Monique LaCoste | Winnipeg

A red-haired woman wearing a blue jacket sitting in a snow-covered garden.

Parade d’images dans nos fenêtres

Liliane Jègues | Winnipeg, Manitoba

A woman looking into the camera.

Restons Zen et généreux!

Julie Belley | Winnipeg, Manitoba

A woman in a winter coat standing outside in a partly snow-covered park.

Trouver une oasis!

Geneviève Murchison | Winnipeg

A woman facing the camera with a colourful mural behind her.

Un ami en besoin

Rob Malo | Winnipeg

A self-shot photo of a bearded man wearing a cap.