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Children and Families

Discover stories for all ages.

At the Museum, children of all ages can explore. We have put together some information to ensure their experience is an inspiring one.

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Photo: CMHR, Ian McCausland

If we are ever to have real peace in this world, we shall have to begin with the children.

Mahatma Gandhi

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Before Your Visit

Tips to get the most out of your visit with children.

While some Museum content can be challenging, many of the stories are appropriate for all.

We encourage young visitors, from toddlers to teens, to investigate human rights topics at their own level of understanding. Parents and caregivers can take note of children’s responses to stories and be prepared to reassure children and validate their feelings.

Please check our guides to see suggestions and recommendations for exploring exhibitions based on age level.

No child is too young to encounter ideas such as respect, inclusion and fairness.

Conversations about rights, freedoms and responsibilities happen when children explore interactive exhibits together with a parent or caregiver.

Guided tours are a good way for families to explore human rights stories within the Museum.

Ask Questions Such As:

Is there a human rights issue that really matters to you? Which one? Why?

What are some ways to make sure everyone feels included?

What would you do if you saw someone being bullied?

During Your Visit

We strive to ensure everyone enjoys their museum experience.

We want to make sure children and other museum visitors have a safe and comfortable experience. Here is some helpful information:

  • We offer services such as strollers, Coat Check and baby change tables. Our staff will help you along the way.

  • All backpacks, large bags, shopping bags, packages and umbrellas must be stored at Coat Check. If required, a mesh bag will be provided to carry any belongings you need for the day.

  • Water fountains are located outside most washrooms. Visit ERA Bistro for snacks and meals.

  • Help us provide a nut-free and scent-free environment for the health and safety of all visitors.

  • We are committed to accessibility and inclusion. If a member of your family or group has special needs, you are welcome to contact the Museum in advance at 204–289-2000. We will make every effort to meet your specific requirements.

Guides for Exploring

There is so much to see at the Museum, but not every exhibit is suitable for children of all ages. We've put together a guide to ensure your visit is age-appropriate.

Children Under 7

Visiting With:

This suggested pathway takes about 45 minutes.

Read the Guide
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Children 7 to 12

Visiting With:

This suggested pathway takes about one hour.

Read the Guide
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Teens 13 to 17

Visiting With:

Parents or caregivers are in the best position to decide whether teens need supervision or are able to visit on their own.

Read the Guide
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After Your Visit

Many exhibits are designed to create a powerful and memorable experience. If your child is reflecting on their experience, here are some useful techniques to guide the discussions.

Guide your child’s emotional energy toward hopeful feelings and positive action.

Speak to your child about their museum experience.

Offer your child space for self-expression, such as drawing, journaling or physical expression.

Ask Questions Such As:

What story interested you most? Why?

Does someone you know inspire you? How and why?

What could our family do to help others?


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Plan Your Visit

From the hundreds of captivating stories to the stunning architecture both inside and out, there’s so much to explore at the Museum. Make the most of your experience by planning your visit today.