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Feature story: One woman's resistance

Viola Desmond helped inspire Canada’s civil rights movement by refusing to give up her seat in a movie theatre. Now, she is on the $10 bill.

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A head-and-shoulder portrait of Viola Desmond framed by a vertical purple rectangle. Viola is wearing a white top.


We should all have access to stories of human rights.

Human rights stories are often ones of struggle, tenacity, courage and resilience. These are the experiences we need to share. Engage with human rights stories, wherever you are.

Black sleeping car porters

By Travis Tomchuk

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A black and white photo of four men in train porter uniforms. All of the men are smiling, and the two men in the middle appear to be shaking hands.

The story of slavery in Canadian history

By Matthew McRae

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Rusted iron manacles hang on hooks on a plain white wall.

The story of Africville

By Matthew McRae

If you’ve never heard of Africville, you’re not alone; the tragic story of this small Black community in Nova Scotia is not as well known as it should be.

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Two children looking at the camera and smiling

Canadian civil rights trailblazers

By Jason Permanand

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 A black and white photo of a movie theatre audience. The picture is taken from the front of the theatre looking towards the back, so the faces of the audience can be seen. Potted palm trees line the walls on each side.

The Wilcox County integrated prom

By Matthew McRae

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A smiling woman stands in front of a red prom dress and a black tuxedo mounted on mannequins. Both the dress and suit are on display behind a glass case.

What does being Canadian mean to you?

What do you value about being Canadian? How has Canada shaped you? Watch stories about what Canada means to the people who live here, or record a video to share your own!

Four mobile phones with screenshots of people sharing their stories.