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Stories: We should all have access to stories of human rights.

Human rights stories are often ones of struggle, tenacity, courage and resilience. These are the experiences we need to share. Engage with human rights stories, wherever you are.

Indigenous history and human rights

Discover the stories of Indigenous people and communities. Learn about Canada's history of colonialism and genocide. Reflect on how we can collectively work towards reconciliation.

A carved wooden box, showing the carved face of a person with a painted red hand over their mouth. Partially obscured.

Photo: CMHR, Aaron Cohen

Online misogyny: the “manosphere”

By Steve McCullough

A white man with short hair sits alone at a brightly lit desk in a dark room, staring at a computer monitor. Partially obscured.

Caring for the Witness Blanket

By Skylar Wall, Cindy Colford, Carolyn Sirett, Stephanie Chipilski and Carey Newman

Many pieces of wood and other materials arranged in interlocking and repeating geometric patterns. Partially obscured.

Treaty 3: Honouring its truths

By Carlie Kane

Mist rises off a large, calm lake surrounded by an evergreen forest. Partially obscured.

Canada, antisemitism and the Holocaust

By Jeremy Maron

Black and white photo of three signs on a post, reading “Christians only,” “Jews not allowed” and “Danger.” Partially obscured.

Black history and human rights

Discover Black stories, voices, struggles and triumphs. Learn about personal and collective acts of resistance and the ongoing fight for equality. Reflect on how we can work to end colonial and racist systems of repression.

 A black and white photo of a movie theatre audience. The picture is taken from the front of the theatre looking towards the back, so the faces of the audience can be seen. Potted palm trees line the walls on each side. Partially obscured.

Photo: Hannibal Free Public Library, Steve Chou Tomlinson

Black Lives Matter and the struggle for racial justice in Canada

By Debra Thompson

A large group of people holding signs with slogans such as “Black Lives Matter,” “Enough is Enough” and “Your Silence is Betrayal.” Partially obscured.

Manitoba’s Mincome experiment

By Travis Tomchuk

Late 1960s-era photo of downtown Winnipeg showing the Eaton’s building decorated with many bright Christmas lights. Partially obscured.

Pass the Mic: Let’s Talk About Racism

By Sarah Adomako-Ansah

Photo on the left – A biracial man dressed in drag. He is wearing a black headpiece, black leather gloves, a black leather dress and and black and white sweater. Photo in the centre – a Black woman wearing black and red Athletic gear, jumping. She has blonde braids. Photo on the right – a Sikh-Canadian man, smiling, wearing a black and white striped sweater, blue and brown pants, boots, and an orange turban, in the snow in front of a cabin. Partially obscured.

The Doctrine of Discovery

By Travis Tomchuk

Two people in braids and ribbon skirts raise fists and hold a large cloth banner reading “RESCIND THE DOCTRINE” on the steps of an enormous cathedral. Partially obscured.