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Exhibitions and Events

Feature exhibition: Time to Act: Rohingya Voices

June 16, 2019 to March 13, 2020

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Rohingya women, children and men wade through waist-high muddy river water. Some carry young children, while others carry bags of possessions, including household items.

Expand your views on human rights.

Through our galleries and programs, you will encounter thousands of stories featuring people, events and ideas from all over the world. We explore moments of human rights advancement and others of setback. These stories encourage us all to consider how our choices affect others, from our neighbours to people across the globe.

Explore Canada’s proclamation through augmented reality

August 2019 to February 2021

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A visitor's hands hold a tablet that carries an image of four animated people including a little boy, a young Indigenous woman, a man wearing an apron and a woman judge.

Ododo Wa: Stories of Girls in War

October 2019 to November 2020

Tags for Ododo Wa: Stories of Girls in War

A group of young women and girls in their teens stand together on the front porch of a building. Most are dressed in white blouses and blue skirts, with two girls also wearing blue sweaters. To the right, a doorway reveals a roomful of students sitting at wooden desks and writing on notepads.

Feature event: Friday Night Rights

Kick off your weekend the rights way! $5 admission after 5 p.m. and a special behind-the-scenes tour.

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A pair of hands hold up a phone to photograph two couples smiling inside the Museum’s Tower of Hope. They stand in front of a large window with a view of Winnipeg's cityscape at night.