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Topics: Economic and social rights


Climate Justice

June 2022 to June 2024

This new exhibit explores the connections between human rights and climate change.

A crowd of youth hold protest signs and stand behind a large banner that reads “La Terre Mère,” or “mother earth” in English.


Pass the Mic: Let’s Talk About Racism

By Sarah Adomako-Ansah

When it comes to racism, there is a lot to learn and unlearn. Listening to those with lived experiences is an important first step in taking a stand against discrimination.

Photo on the left – A biracial man dressed in drag. He is wearing a black headpiece, black leather gloves, a black leather dress and and black and white sweater. Photo in the centre – a Black woman wearing black and red Athletic gear, jumping. She has blonde braids. Photo on the right – a Sikh-Canadian man, smiling, wearing a black and white striped sweater, blue and brown pants, boots, and an orange turban, in the snow in front of a cabin.

Nursing and Indigenous peoples’ health: reconciliation in practice

By Maureen Fitzhenry

Nurses’ long‐time partnership shows that decolonizing our health care systems is necessary for enhancing respect, fairness and social justice for First Nations, Inuit and Métis.

Tags for Nursing and Indigenous peoples’ health: reconciliation in practice

A group of Indigenous women nurses stand together outside.

Powered by love: Grandmothers fighting HIV/AIDS

By Matthew McRae

It took Gogo Gladys Tyophol many years to come to terms with the death of her only son.

Tags for Powered by love: Grandmothers fighting HIV/AIDS

A head-and-shoulders portrait of Gogo Gladys Tyophol. She is wearing glasses and a blue patterned kerchief wrapped around her head. Her shirt says GAPA and a red AIDS ribbon is attached to her sweater.