Media FAQs

Who do I contact for interviews and photo requests?
Please contact CMHR media relations manager Maureen Fitzhenry at maureen.fitzhenry[at]humanrights.ca  or by phone at 204-289-2112 or 204-782-8442 (cell).

What if I can’t reach the media relations unit and I’m getting close to deadline?
You can contact any other member of our Communications team by calling reception at 204-289-2000 or toll-free at 1-877-877-6037 and asking to speak to someone in Communications.

Can I call someone at the Museum directly for an interview instead of going through the Communications department?
You will get better results more quickly by contacting our media relations manager first. We understand your needs and your deadline pressure, and we know which people have the answers you need. Our busy staff members usually refer all media calls to Communications, so you will save yourself a step by calling us first!

Can I get inside the Museum to conduct interviews, take photos or shoot footage?
We love to show off the building to media, but we can’t always guarantee your access to the locations you want at all times. We will try our best to accommodate media requests for building access. 

Do I need permission to use your images?
You are free to use the images in our online gallery without permission. Other photos used as illustrations on our Website may be owned by third parties or protected by copyright. Please contact the media relations manager if you’re unsure about a particular image.

Who do I talk to about fundraising efforts for the Museum?
The Friends of the Canadian Museum for Human Rights is a separate organization that acts as the fundraising arm of the Museum. Questions about their fundraising efforts can be directed to the Friends communications staff. You can find contact details and more information on the Friends Website.