Executive Officers

Young, John
President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
john.young [at] humanrights.ca

Robertson, Susanne
Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
susanne.robertson [at] humanrights.ca


Corporate Governance

corporate.governance [at] humanrights.ca

Lambert, Lisanne
Corporate Secretary
lisanne.lambert [at] humanrights.ca

Manaigre, Lyndsay
Corporate Records & ATIP Officer
lyndsay.manaigre [at] humanrights.ca


Visitor Experience and Engagement

visitor.experience.engagement [at] humanrights.ca

Lavergne, Jacques
Vice-President, Visitor Experience and Engagement
jacques.lavergne [at] humanrights.ca

Tergesen, Tristin
Manager, Retail/Branding & Licensing
tristin.tergesen [at] humanrights.ca

Perreault, Barbara
Membership and Sponsorship Manager
barbara.perreault [at] humanrights.ca

Bouchard, Alain
Manager, Program Delivery and Services
alain.bouchard [at] humanrights.ca


Public Affairs and Programs

public.affairs.programs [at] humanrights.ca

Cassie, Angela
Senior Vice-President, Programs, Exhibitions and Public Affairs
angela.cassie [at] humanrights.ca

Waldman, Louise
Manager, Communications and Marketing
Louise.waldman [at] humanrights.ca

Fitzhenry, Maureen
Media Relations Manager
maureen.fitzhenry [at] humanrights.ca

Erlendson, Chandra
Manager, Public Programs
chandra.erlendson [at] humanrights.ca

Lamontagne, Mireille
Manager, Advanced and Professional Programs
mireille.lamontagne [at] humanrights.ca

Pinkos, Lise
Manager, Education Programs
lise.pinkos [at] humanrights.ca

Yates, Rhea
Director, Digital Outreach
Rhea.Yates [at] humanrights.ca


Exhibitions, Research and Design

exhibitions.research.design [at] humanrights.ca

Gillam, Scott
Manager, Digital Platforms
scott.gillam [at] humanrights.ca

Vincent, Rob
Manager, Design & Production
rob.vincent [at] humanrights.ca

Delacretaz, Helen
Director, Exhibitions
helen.delacretaz [at] humanrights.ca

Bidzinski, Heather
Head of Collections
heather.bidzinski [at] humanrights.ca

Giesbrecht, Jodi
Manager, Research
jodi.giesbrecht [at] humanrights.ca



finance [at] humanrights.ca

Slater, Lynn-Joy
Manager, Finance
lynn-joy.slater [at] humanrights.ca

Timmers, Lisa
Procurement Manager
lisa.timmers [at] humanrights.ca


Human Resources

human.resources [at] humanrights.ca

Farmer, Lorraine
Director, Human Resources
lorraine.farmer [at] humanrights.ca


Corporate Services

facilities.management [at] humanrights.ca

Noseworthy, Dave
Director, Facilities and Protection Services
dave.noseworthy [at] humanrights.ca

Pushka, Michael
Manager, Protection Services
michael.pushka [at] humanrights.ca

Rivers, Christopher
Director, Information Technology
chris.rivers [at] humanrights.ca


Volunteer Services

Bukowski, Denise
Manager, Volunteer Services
denise.bukowski [at] humanrights.ca