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Beta site feedback

Welcome to our new beta website


    It’s true that we stand on the shoulders of giants: courageous people who have fought, suffered, survived and prevailed. We look forward to sharing inspiring stories of hope and resilience with you.

    By “beta” we mean the website isn’t 100 per cent complete. The benefit of launching before we’re finished is that we can still make adjustments based on your feedback and how you interact with the site. These learnings will help us ensure that the final product is tailored to your needs and is of the highest quality possible.

    Below you’ll find info on why we redesigned the site, what’s new about it and what’s still to come.

    Please note, we will maintain the existing site until we have completed the new site and you can jump to the old site at any time. If you leave for a particular reason, please share that with us in the feedback form.

    Why a new website?

    The new site is part of our ongoing initiative to better engage people and promote dialogue around human rights issues. By “dialogue” we mean the respectful exchange of ideas and an openness to trying to understand another person’s point of view.

    To ensure everyone can take part in this dialogue, the new site is designed with accessibility top-of-mind — meaning that no matter what your level of ability or what device you’re on, you’ll have a meaningful experience.

    It also means our new site will serve as an extension of the Museum itself — bringing human rights stories to life online. Now even those who are unable to visit the Museum in person have the opportunity to share in the same conversations, stories and atmosphere.

    What’s new?


    Now you have the opportunity to share your opinion, via polls featured in our stories, and the content that inspires you, through your personal social media accounts.

    Improved user experience

    The new site is designed to make information easier to read and find. Text is formatted so that it can easily be scanned and we’ve created multiple ways to access the same information.

    Video resources

    We’ve added more human rights videos. All videos produced by the Museum are in French and English and are closed captioned to increase accessibility.

    What’s next?

    Resources for educators

    In the coming months, the website will offer new tools for educators, including an online toolkit and classroom resources created by the Museum.

    Multiple perspectives

    We are committed to finding ways to offer multiple perspectives on a single issue, by sharing oral histories from our collection and by increasing opportunities for reflection and dialogue.

    Adding to the collection

    Our ambition is for the online dialogue we share with you to become part of the Museum’s permanent collection, capturing how Canadians viewed important human rights issues of our time.

    Share your feedback

    Your feedback is incredibly important to us as it will help make this website the best that it can be. Whether you have a small comment or a big idea, something positive or something negative, please fill out our feedback form and share your thoughts. Thank you for joining us on this human rights journey.

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