Here I Am – 2019 Cabaret of Monologues

Monologues for International Women’s Week

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

This event has passed.

Graphic image of a woman with butterflies in her hair. Partially obscured.

Photo: Sarasvàti Productions

Event details

A teen girl introducing her family to her girlfriend. A woman fighting to get to the moon. Another reflecting on her relationship with her body.

Museum galleries on Levels 2, 3 and 7

This free, annual event presented by Sarasvàti Productions features monologues and performance pieces about women embracing their identities and coming into their own, often in the face of adversity.

ASL Interpretation will be available.

This program contains challenging content and profanity and may not be suitable for all audiences.

The full line‐up includes:

Sunday Morning Brunch by Ivy Charles and performed by Brooklyn Alice Lee

Josephine is a spunky 17‐year‐old girl, confident in her sexuality. This confidence is put to the test when she introduces her girlfriend to her religious family (and of course Father Henry) at Sunday brunch.

Thelma and Louise created and performed by Nan Fewchuk

While waiting in CancerCare, Maggie reflects on her life, her resentment towards her large breasts, and how the thought of losing one of them changes her perspective.

Geraldine Sloan Truhill: Mommy’s Going to the Moon, Kids! by Natalie Frijia and performed by Lauren Marshall

In 1961, NASA denied training to the “Mercury 13”, an all‐female band of astronauts. Refusing to take no for an answer, Geraldine fights for respect from NASA and her family.

The Lightfishers by Leslea Kroll and performed by Amelia Warkentin

Chris is a patient in the psychiatric ward of St. Andrew’s Hospital. After experiencing a traumatic event, Chris has begun recovery from an addiction to painkillers.

I Am NOT a Victim created and performed by Shereen Ramprashad

A charismatic, satirical poem challenging the media’s perception that women are – and always will be – a victim of something.

Talking about ED created and performed by Hailley Rhoda

A short puppet show exploring the “elephant in the room”: how disability and the secrecy surrounding it affects lives.

Who’s Driving? by Makrenna Sterdan and performed by Kim Kakegamic

Janet is a fast‐talking car saleswoman looking to get you into your next vehicle, all based around current global issues.

Bare Bones performed by waNda wilsoN

waNda wilsoN portrays an eclectic mix of raw, sweet edge with a musical approach that is bold, courageous and out of the ordinary. WaNda will share a story followed with a song.

Oracle Jane by Vicki Zhang and performed by Renee Hill

How do you confront the destructive power of your own creation? When a data scientist meets a single mother in need, she questions and reflects on her life’s work.

Here I Am – 2019 Cabaret of Monologues is presented in partnership with Sarasvàti Productions.