Ideas Taking Shape - This building is made of more than stone and steel, glass and concrete. It’s made of ideas. It is a visible symbol of ideas that have inspired Canadians to fight for human rights.

It's a First - This is the first national museum ever built outside of the National Capital Region.  

A Prime Location - The building stands at the historic forks of the Red and Assiniboine rivers, the site of Canada’s first post-Confederation treaty with the First Nations. People—travelers, traders, activists and immigrants—have been meeting for thousands of years and the ground is rich in archeology. As a city, Winnipeg has been the site of important human rights battles, victories and defeats….

  • The Riel Resistance, 1870  
  • The Manitoba Schools Question, 1890     
  • The Winnipeg General Strike, 1919      
  • The Persons Case, 1929