CMHR proud to support Winnipeg’s new Fair Trade City designation

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The Canadian Museum for Human Rights (CMHR) proudly welcomes today's official naming of Winnipeg as a Fair Trade City.

A member of the Fair Trade Winnipeg steering committee since its formation, the CMHR has been working to encourage fair‐trade principles that support human rights.

The CMHR Boutique strives to include fair‐trade products that align with the Museum's approach on issues such as equality, sustainability, children's rights and women's rights. The Boutique also operates under an Ethical Purchasing Policy that ensures all merchandise come from sources that – at minimum – offer fair wages and safe working environments with no child labour.

Boutique manager Tristin Tergesen has actively supported Winnipeg's bid for the past three years on behalf of the CMHR and also previously contributed to Gimli's efforts to achieve its status as a Fair Trade Town.

"Interestingly, at national and international trade shows, we are seeing more and more sellers moving towards fair‐trade and ethically made products," Tergesen said. "We're proud to embrace this positive evolution in the retail sector. We want all our customers to know they can shop here with confidence and conscience."

The Museum's onsite restaurant, ERA Bistro, designated this year as a Fair Trade Workplace, has also been active on the Fair Trade Winnipeg committee. It was recently named "Restaurant of the Year" by Ciao magazine for its commitment to fair‐trade, sustainable and local food offerings. "ERA Bistro proves that food can be a statement, that the choices we make about what we eat matter," the magazine wrote. With a culinary team led by executive chef Stephen Strecker, the restaurant is owned and operated by Sparrow Hotels.

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