CMHR Response to Winnipeg Sun Article: Build it and they won't come

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Winnipeg Sun
Build it and they won't come
Vast majority of Canadians have no interest in visiting CMHR:poll
By Paul Turenne

Toronto Sun
Human rights museum a flop?
Canadians not too keen to visit new 'Peg attraction: Poll
By Paul Turenne, QMI Agency

The results of a recent poll conducted by SunMedia offer some great news! Canadians are excited about their Museum for Human Rights and the contribution it can make to building a better world.

53% of respondents said they would visit the Canadian Museum for Human Rights (CMHR) while in Winnipeg. When given the choice between attending a Winnipeg Jets game or the CMHR 46% chose us!

We are doing well! We are focused on opening our doors to Canada and the world.

Pollster David Coletto stated that "… Canadians buy into the idea of the museum". 57% of those polled indicated that they support the CMHR. That's in addition to the nearly 6000 Canadians who have already directly demonstrated their support for the CMHR through donations and involvement in our public engagement efforts. 

The CMHR will become a destination; for tourism and education; it will offer a new home for conferences and workshops from Canada and around the world.

An early business plan for the Canadian Museum for Human Rights estimated an annual average of 250,000 in person visitors to the CMHR each year. According to the Manitoba Bureau of Statistics, this estimate would result in total direct annual visitor expenditures of $25.7 million into the Winnipeg economy. Internal estimates show that 75,000 of those visitors will be non‐Manitobans.

Abacus Data's results suggest even better numbers. Their poll indicates that 19% of tourists to Winnipeg will visit the Museum. Winnipeg receives over 2.6 million visitors annually – these numbers exceed our estimates.

Imagine the impact that this Museum can have on this city and province! The Museum can act as a catalyst for rejuvenation. Increases in tourism suggested by Abacus Data could lead to even more new hotels, attractions, and job creation, generating local and national economic stimulus long after our doors open.

The Museum is just one part of the fantastic offerings our city has to offer Canada and the world. There are endless opportunities to integrate the Manitoba experience into Canada's tourism industry. People will come to Winnipeg not just for the Museum – they will take in our province's rich arts and cultural scene, make trips to the North, visit our beautiful parks, and catch professional or amateur sports event.

We are excited to be part of a project that will not only benefit our city and province economically — it will also inspire visitors and tourists to take action for human rights and make a difference in their community!