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Museum charts its path forward

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Isha Khan, President and CEO of the Canadian Museum for Human Rights (CMHR), today released a framework plan to create a safe, respectful and healthy workplace. The document has been posted on the CMHR website.

“Creating lasting change requires a deep commitment to challenging our systems and the way we work,” said Khan, who began her role as CMHR leader on August 17. “We are approaching this thoughtfully and have been working hard to gather input from employees and the community. Our approach must address systemic racism and discrimination in our workplace in a meaningful way. It cannot be window dressing. It will take a sustained effort over time.”

The newly released document responds to recommendations contained in the Phase One report of an independent external review into complaints by former and current staff about systemic issues in the Museum’s workplace. Phase Two is now underway.

Khan emphasized that her new plan is not a checklist of action items or a stand‐alone solution, but a framework focused on five desired outcomes and broad strategies to achieve them. Staff received a draft of the framework in September to give them time to provide feedback. The final version of the framework was also informed by dozens of consultations with community organizations.

“Accountability to deliver on these strategies rests with each and every one of us,” Khan said. “I am proud that we took the time to reflect on this plan because it has allowed us to start to change the way we think and work together. I am grateful for the input and optimism of our Board, our staff and the others we consulted.

“We all believe in the potential of this museum to make a difference for human rights.”

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