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Statement from the Canadian Museum for Human Rights (CMHR) in relation to Dr. Strong-Boag blog on International Women’s Day

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CMHR blogs are intended to consist of interesting short stories on human rights themes and topics, ideally from a first-person perspective, written primarily by CMHR staff as an opportunity to showcase the depth and diversity of their work and experiences.

On occasion, the CMHR invites guest bloggers who have a connection to the Museum or to timely human rights topics. These blogs ideally consist of anecdotal accounts of personal experiences that illuminate human rights themes and include "rich media" (photos, images).

The CMHR makes efforts to ensure that guest blogs not be used as, or be perceived as, a platform for political positions or partisan statements.

The CMHR has no objections to posting fact-based commentary that raises concern about policies or activities of the Government of Canada. This is appropriate to the CMHR's mandate to encourage discussion and reflection on human rights. However, Dr. Strong-Boag's blog contained comments positioned in a way that could be construed as partisan political statements, which is inappropriate for a CMHR blog regardless of the political party or government in question. In addition, the blog did not align with CMHR standards for first-person narrative, clear context and rich media elements.

The CMHR is improving its internal processes to ensure concise guidelines can be provided to guest bloggers and to allow time for fullsome review and approval.