Third École des droits explores the theme of digital citizenship

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Two dozen young adults have come from across Canada and Normandy, France to meet in Winnipeg from February 18 to 24. Together, they will explore human rights during a week‐long immersion in École des droits (School of Rights), a partnership between the CMHR, the Institut international des droits de l'Homme et de la paix (2idhp) in Normandy, France and the Université de Saint‐Boniface (USB).

The group will be kept busy with participative workshops, Museum visits, times to reflect and other to develop citizenship projects, cultural visits, and gatherings. The goal is to develop a culture of peace and citizenship through human rights education and intercultural education. 

Following on the two previous editions of the École, which had tackled the theme of "cultural rights" and of "diversity and inclusion," the CMHR, the 2idhp and the USB propose to examine the theme of "e‑citizenship" this year.

New information and communication technologies (NICTs) have disrupted and revolutionized the daily life of each citizen during the last 40 years. The digital age provides a space for expression and has helped some people organize protests, get informed, even vote.

By studying the issues and challenges of the digital era with respect to human rights, the group will reflect and suggest solutions to consolidate the emergence of an e‑citizenship that is respectful of human rights and which is included in the approach toward a plural, inclusive and tolerant society.

WHAT: Workshop "Social Media for Social Good"
WHEN: Tuesday, February 20, at 2 p.m.
WHERE: CMHR, in the classrooms and galleries 85 Israel Asper Way, Winnipeg

During the workshop, the École des droits participants will learn how to write positive messages that inspire action on social media as they discover some of the Museum's exhibitions. There will be a discussion period, followed by the activity. Media will have the opportunity to interview participants as well as representatives of the partner organizations.

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Lise Pinkos
Manager, Educational programs

T: 204.289.2119

Cell. : 204.955.2315

The Canadian Museum for Human Rights is the first museum in the world solely dedicated to the evolution, celebration and future of human rights. It is the first national museum in Canada to be built outside the National Capital Region. Using multimedia technology and other innovative approaches, the Museum creates inspiring encounters with human rights appropriate for all ages, in a visitor experience unlike any other.

The International Institute for Human Rights and Peace (in Caen, France) is a non‐profit association that works to promote and defend human rights, international humanitarian law and peaceful settlement of disputes.

Université de Saint‐Boniface is Western Canada's French‐language university, offering both university degree and college diploma programs that are personalized, of high quality, and that respond to the needs of students in educating the leaders of society.