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Mandela: Struggle for Freedom extended until late summer 2019!

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Perspectives on Human Rights in Canada

Program Length: 90 minutes

School Program


School program details

Students explore pivotal moments, people and changes in Canada’s human rights history to modern day. This program brings to light the democratic ideals, rights, freedoms and responsibilities of Canadians.

Students will:

Learn about the struggles of labour rights, women’s rights, racial equality, Indigenous rights, linguistic rights and the rights of newcomers in Canada in the 1900s to present.

Experience several thematic exhibits and a film about the human rights journey throughout Canada’s history shown on the super large screen in What Are Human Rights? on Level 2.

Participate in an engaging discovery activity with objects to enhance their tour experience in Canadian Journeys on Level 2.

Discuss what it means to be Canadian, what our history teaches us, and how there are multiple perspectives on human rights issues in Protecting Rights in Canada on Level 3.