Help support human rights education and dialogue.

The Canadian Museum for Human Rights is home to ideas and stories that have the potential to inspire hope for generations to come. We invite you to support the Museum by donating to the foundation Friends of the Canadian Museum for Human Rights.

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Friends of the Canadian Museum for Human Rights

Continuing the Spirit of Compassion

Envisioned by the late Dr. Israel Asper, O.C., O.M, the Canadian Museum for Human Rights was founded on the idea of providing a space to learn about human rights and the importance of protecting them. This spirit continues today thanks to the efforts of Friends of the Canadian Museum for Human Rights. As a registered Canadian charity founded in 2002, Friends was created to raise funds for the establishment of a new national museum focused on human rights, and contributed to the Museum’s planning and early development.

Friends is the official fundraiser for the Museum. Please help make a difference today with your donations.

Need help? To make a donation by phone, or for questions about tribute cards or tax receipts, please call 204–289-2003.

Other Ways to Support the Museum


By becoming a member of the Museum, you’re not just receiving special discounts and unlimited access to exhibitions, programs and events, you’re also providing critical support to helping the Museum meet its mandate.

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The Boutique

Your purchases help make a difference. The Museum Boutique offers an eclectic array of socially conscious and sustainable giftware. All revenue is used to help support our activities and programs for promoting human rights.

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