Virtual field trip: Deliberating Charter rights (Grades 9 to 12)

Program length: 45 minutes

Six people in a museum gallery stand around a circular counter with video screens both embedded in the counter and hanging above them.

Photo: CMHR, Ian McCausland

School program details

Students participating in this live lesson will be challenged to think about how different perspectives on human rights are considered in Canadian courts. They will examine questions about the limitations of rights and how rights are applied in Canada. Students will discuss and share their perspectives through live polling*, chat and interacting with their peers and Museum staff.

Students will:

  • Learn how universal consensus is a rarity in human rights discussions.
  • Participate in dialogue and debate about human rights cases that have been addressed by Canada’s courts.
  • Engage in discussion and think critically about human rights cases before voting on questions that Canadian courts have considered.
  • Discuss how these decisions have impacted Canadian society.

* Students will require a personal internet‐ready device to participate in live polling during this program.