Virtual field trip: Expressing Rights Through Art (Grades 5 to 8)

Program length: 45 minutes

A highly detailed black-and-white drawing incorporates tiny lines, shapes and letters. Some of the letters spell words such as “Depression,” “Bipolar” and “Insomnia”. Partially obscured.

School program details

Your class will explore human rights ideas through an artistic lens. You will use a piece of paper and your thoughts and reflections to explore various artistic ways of expressing human rights. Our program interpreters will lead you through artistic journaling while exploring the inspiring art and human rights stories the Museum has to offer.

Students will:

  • Learn how art in various forms can be used to express ideas related to human rights.
  • Experience the Museum's inspiring art and exhibits as if they were there in person.
  • Interact with a Museum guide and reflect on the art in the galleries to better understand how they can take action with art.
  • Engage in discussion, critical thinking and reflection on their role in the expression of human rights through art.