Virtual field trip: Museum Highlights Tour (Grades 9 to 12)

Program length: 45 minutes

A woman holds a bar with a mobile phone attached to it and uses the screen to look at something off camera.

Photo: CMHR, Colin Corneau

School program details

Learn about Canada’s ongoing human rights journey by engaging with Indigenous concepts of human rights and exploring how people have used and continue to use their voices and effective action to claim their rights. Students will discover Canada’s legal system and make connections between human rights stories and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Our guides will take your students on an inspiring journey while promoting dialogue regarding ongoing human rights issues. We’ll help your students walk away with a greater understanding of human rights and how the impacts of colonialism and racism continue to affect life in Canada.

Students will:

  • Learn that human rights protections in Canada were fought for and won through the effective actions and voices of many groups and individuals.
  • Experience exhibits and the inspiring Museum art as if they were at the Museum in person.
  • Interact with a Museum guide and their classmates to deepen their understanding of equality and human rights.
  • Engage in discussion, critical thinking and reflection on how colonialism and racism have ongoing impacts on the rights of people living in Canada today.