July 23, 2016
Guatemala is one of the most beautiful countries I’ve ever had the chance to visit. It is commonly referred to as “the land of eternal spring.” Its weather is never too hot and never too cold; it is just right! Guatemala boasts luscious green landscapes, imposing volcanoes are present wherever you...
July 18, 2016
I recently had the opportunity to interview Gilbert Baker, designer of the rainbow flag, and talk to him about his life and work at the forefront of the battle for the rights of people of all sexual orientations and gender identities. “I was always fabulous,” Gilbert Baker announced with a laugh...
July 14, 2016
Empowering Women: Artisan Cooperatives That Transform Communities opens July 23 at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights. This travelling exhibition tells the story of women’s cooperatives from around the world and how their work can advance human rights. The exhibiton also includes beautiful...
June 20, 2016
Pete Eckert has been blind for half of his life. A gifted artist from California with university degrees in sculpture, art and design, he learned in his 20s that he was going blind. When he switched tracks and earned an MBA, he couldn’t get a banking job because of the stigma attached to blindness...
June 15, 2016
Since the publication of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada’s final report in 2015, more and more Canadians seem focused on the idea of reconciliation. But, despite the popularity of this concept, many people are still asking, “Why reconciliation? Why now?” For many Indigenous people...
May 26, 2016
The early years of the Honorable Dr. Vivienne Poy were very tumultuous ones. Born in Hong Kong in 1941, the Second World War forced her family to flee when she was only three months old.  She and her family spent the War as refugees in China, finally returning to Hong Kong at the end of the...
May 26, 2016
Pardeep Singh Nagra is a man of many talents. He is the Executive Director of the Sikh Heritage Museum of Canada, located in Mississauga, Ontario; he is also an historian, a researcher, an athelete, a public speaker and a human rights advocate. In the 1990s Mr. Nagra was barred from competing in a...
May 20, 2016
David Suzuki is an award-winning scientist, environmentalist, writer and broadcaster, known across Canada and the world for his radio and television programs about science and nature. Countless Canadians – including myself – grew up watching his shows and reading his books and can trace their own...
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