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The Museum is recruiting members for an advisory body of educators. Join us!

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Educational audiences are very important to the Museum, as is ensuring that our work serves the needs of educators.

To ensure the Museum continues to develop content and resources that are relevant to educators across Canada, we have established the Canadian Teachers’ Advisory Circle (CTAC). The CTAC exists to advise and collaborate on the development of educational resources, exhibitions, web content and other institutional initiatives at the Museum. The CTAC will help keep us informed of current trends and best practices in the education field, which will guide the development of our programs, resources and content.

The membership of CTAC will reflect the diversity of people living in Canada and will bring provincial and regional representation to the ongoing work of the CMHR.

The CTAC will help support the Museum in the following ways:

  • Guide and inform the development of new education programs and resources;
  • Review and pilot new programs with students;
  • Provide educational perspectives on the development of Museum exhibitions and web content;
  • Participate in working groups or sub‐committees related to specific projects, as required;
  • Participate in the ongoing review of the teaching resources database;
  • Inform the CMHR of the needs, current trends and best practices in the K‑12 education field.

The CTAC will be composed of 10 members from across Canada, and each member will serve for a 2‑year term.

Members of the CTAC will meet virtually for one full day each quarter to complete the work outlined above. Bi‐annually, members will gather in Winnipeg during the summer to collaborate on projects of national scope. 

Interested applicants should submit an application and their resume to by September 30, 2021.


Terms of reference

The Canadian Museum for Human Rights (CMHR) believes that a diversity of experiences and thought drives innovation and transformation. We are working towards building a Canadian Teachers’ Advisory Circle (CTAC) that is representative of the communities in which we live and that we serve. We are committed to providing equal opportunities to all and encourage applicants to identify their equity status. The information voluntarily disclosed will be kept confidential and used solely for the purpose of increasing workforce diversity.