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Author: Damhat Zagros


Damhat Zagros is a Kurdish Syrian human rights advocate. After fleeing Syria at the age of 17, he lived as a refugee in Lebanon for more than six years, eventually resettling in Winnipeg, Canada in 2017. Damhat is completing his last year of a Bachelor of Arts degree in Human Rights from the University of Winnipeg. He works for Aurora Family Therapy Centre where he runs a newcomer youth leadership program. Damhat has been active in supporting the newcomer community in Manitoba, focusing on newcomer inclusion, anti‐racism initiatives, and building bridges between Indigenous and newcomer communities.


“My future children will never get to experience the home I knew”

By Damhat Zagros

A first person’s reflection on being forced from home and wrestling with what that means for him and for future generations. The article provides evocative narrative as well as background on international law as it relates to refugees and internally displacement peoples and the intergenerational effects of trauma and displacement.

Watercolour painting of a group of adults and children, their faces obscured, standing in a field. All the women’s heads are covered and most people are carrying backpacks and have things in their hands.