Pre-visit Preparation

School visit preparation

The Museum’s unique architecture parallels a human rights journey from darkness to light. You can expect a fair bit of walking or movement as you explore the Museum galleries on an unforgettable experience.

A girl lifts her head and eyes slightly upward. She has a smile on her face. Behind her are more children smiling. Partially obscured.

Photo: CMHR, Thomas Fricke

A dramatic journey

The Museum's unique architecture parallels a human rights journey.

You and your students will enter the Museum at ground level, into a large space that has a subterranean feel. You will gradually work your way higher on a series of ramps that reveal more and more daylight.

You can expect to visit a number of different spaces that may be some distance apart. There will be plenty of walking or movement along the way, and you will encounter large open spaces, darkness and light, heights and a fair amount of noise. Please note that most school programs visit only two or three of the Museum’s 11 galleries.

Dealing with difficult content

All of the Museum’s school programs are designed to be age‐appropriate and curriculum‐related. School programs for students aged 12 and under are routed through the Museum to avoid encountering difficult or disturbing content.

We have taken special care to provide rich program descriptions that tell you what students will learn, experience, participate in and discuss while at the Museum. If you would like to talk with us to decide which program is best for your group, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Ask questions

  • What are human rights?

  • Who is someone you admire?

  • What's the difference between speaking up and being heard?

  • If you were on top of the Museum, what would you shout to the world?

  • How do human rights affect your life?

Tips for visiting day

We've put together some information to help plan for your visit, such as where to eat, where to store coats and personal belongings, and where the bus drop‐off point is.

Plan your visit

From the hundreds of captivating stories and exhibits, to the stunning architecture both inside and out, there’s so much to explore at the Museum. Make the most of your experience by planning your school visit today.