School Visit Preparation

Once you have confirmed your school visit booking, this information will help you to prepare for your visit.


Dramatic journey

Before your visit, please prepare your students for the Museum’s dramatic setting. The Museum’s unique architecture parallels a human rights journey – it requires some effort and has a few twists and turns, but can be very rewarding to complete.

You and your students will enter the Museum at ground level, into a large space that has a subterranean feel. You will gradually work your way higher on a series of inclined ramps that reveal more and more daylight. 

You can expect to visit a number of different spaces that may be some distance apart. There will be plenty of walking or movement along the way, and you will encounter large open spaces, darkness and light, heights and lots of noise.  

Please note that most school programs visit only two or three of the Museum’s 11 galleries, and use elevators and walking ramps. 


Before your visit

To help you set the stage for learning at the Museum, we offer many online resources that you can use in the classroom ahead of time. These include human rights activities, our new resource called Speak Truth to Power Canada and the Canadian Human Rights Toolkit with over 200 online educational resources, lesson plans and activities on human rights for teachers and schools. To find these, please visit the Learn section of our website.


Bus drop-off and pick-up 

Buses can drop students off in front of the Group Entrance at 85 Israel Asper Way. Buses will need to park elsewhere while students are inside. Buses may return to the drop-off zone 15 minutes prior to the scheduled end time of the program.

To schedule/plan bus parking, please call 311 or 1-877-311-4974 (4WPG).

**Please note, the Museum does not own any parking lots at The Forks. All parking is owned by The Forks,


If you are running late

In the event of inclement weather or other unexpected delays, please call as soon as possible to advise us at 204-289-2253 or 204-289-2227.

If the Education Program cannot start at the time indicated on your School Booking Contract, your program may be shortened to finish on time. If you arrive at the Museum more than 20 minutes late, we cannot guarantee your reserved program or tour.


School check-in at the Group Entrance

Please arrive a minimum of 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start of your school program to give students enough time to remove outerwear and go to the washroom before it begins.

Once at the Group Entrance, please have one of your adults check in at the Group Ticketing and Information desk to make your payment. If you have pre-paid or paid by purchase order, you will still need to check in at the Group Ticketing and Information Desk. If you are paying on arrival, you will pay for the number of participants indicated on your School Booking Contract unless you provided revised numbers at least 48 hours in advance by email to education [at] humanrights.ca, as we require written proof of the change. Otherwise additional charges will apply. 

We accept cash, cheques, Electronic Fund Transfers (EFTs) or credit cards for school visits, with an authorized signature. Cheques shall be made payable to the Canadian Museum for Human Rights.

Your guide will take your group from the Group Entrance area.


What to wear?

We recommend that students wear comfortable clothes and that they bring and change into comfortable indoor shoes (in the winter or if it’s raining) for visiting the Museum. Your group can expect to do a lot of walking.

Dress warmly. Due to the preservation needs of rare artifacts, the Museum strictly controls temperature and humidity throughout the building and exhibit galleries. As a result of this common museum practice, you can anticipate average temperatures of 19 to 20°C (66 to 68°F). We encourage you to let students know to bring a sweater or light jacket in case they need it during your visit. 


Personal belongings

Coat racks are located near the Group Entrance area and will be assigned to your group, free of charge. We do not have lockable storage for students, so we ask that all valuable items (including mobile devices) be left at home or at school.

We have limited lockable storage space that is only available for teachers.

***Backpacks are not allowed inside the galleries and must be left behind with coats and boots in the Group Coat Room.


Special requirements

The Museum is fully accessible. If you have any special requirements in addition to those identified at the time of booking, please contact us at least 24 hours in advance to help us accommodate your needs.

Please remind your tour guide before your program starts about any adjustments needed to language levels for K-12 immersion or EAL (English as an Additional Language) students.



  • If you have let us know that you will be eating lunch at the Museum, you will be eating in Buhler Hall, as the Museum does not have a lunchroom. There are no microwaves or utensils provided. Note that your lunches will need to be left with your belongings in the Group Coat Room. 
  • \The Museum also has a full-service, sit-down restaurant called ERA Bistro. If your group wishes to make a reservation, please call 204-289-2190 or email info [at] erabistro.ca

Please note that there is no cafeteria and that no outside catering or food suppliers are allowed.Washrooms

  • All levels except Level 2 offer male and female washrooms with an accessible stall.
  • All levels except Level 4 offer a single-user washroom that is barrier–free and large enough to allow for a care provider or personal attendant to assist an individual. 

All single-user washrooms have a baby change station available. There is a height-adjustable adult-sized change table in the single-user washroom on the main floor.Telephones

A pay phone located near the Main Entrance close to the Coat Room and Ticketing and Information Desk is TTY-capable.


Reminder about adult supervision

Teachers and adult helpers have an important role to play in ensuring school programs run smoothly. We will need your help to keep the group together, assist us with any special requirements that we can accommodate, and to support the delivery of activities.

Teachers, required adult helpers and dedicated student helpers receive free admission on a school program visit based on the following guidelines: 

  • Grades K-6 groups: 1 adult for every 10 students + 1 adult for any part thereof (e.g.: 18 students = 2 adults).
  • Grades 7-12 groups: 1 adult for every 15 students + 1 adult for any part thereof (e.g.: 18 students = 2 adults).
  • Dedicated adult helpers for students with special needs are always welcome to accompany for free. Please just let us know beforehand.
  • Other helpers accompanying the group exceeding these guidelines will pay General Admission rates. (Rates are subject to change.)
  • Please note that if your group is taking part in a self-guided visit, we expect the students to be supervised at all times while in the galleries.


Respectful Conduct

To make the most of your Museum visit, please read this list of rules and responsibilities, and share with your students:

  • Teachers and adult helpers are responsible for the behaviour of their group at all times
  • No running 
  • No sitting on ramp ledges 
  • No rough play, shoving or throwing
  • No shouting 
  • No food, drinks and gum in the galleries 
  • Use only pencils in the galleries; pens and markers are not allowed
  • Respect other visitors in the galleries 
  • Please follow the instructions of guides and other Museum employees in the galleries

The Museum reserves the right to refuse or dismiss any group for misconduct.


Israel Asper Tower of Hope

The highest area of the Museum is the Israel Asper Tower of Hope, which offers panoramic views of Winnipeg. The Tower is not included in your school program. However, you can bring your students up to the Tower after your program concludes. Your students must be with adult supervisors in the same ratios as in your program.

You and your students can access the Tower via elevator or stairs. Since capacity on the Tower is limited, for reasons of safety, we may be required to limit access at busy times.


Cancellation Policy

  • Cancellations and changes in the number of students must be submitted in writing to education [at] humanrights.ca.
  • The Museum requires 48 hours’ notice in case of cancellations or decrease in numbers; otherwise the group will be invoiced for the number of visitors indicated at the time of the reservation.
  • If you are a NO SHOW for your program/tour, you will be charged the full price of the program.
  • In case of inclement weather, there will be no charge.


Additional Information

Any other questions or concerns about your visit? Please call 204-289-2253 or email us at education [at] humanrights.ca.