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Deliberating Charter Rights

Program length: 120 minutes

School program


    Six people in a museum gallery stand around a circular counter with video screens both embedded in the counter and hanging above them.

    Photo: CMHR, Ian McCausland

    School program details

    Key human rights issues, people and laws that have shaped Canada are explored in this program. Gathered around an interactive table, students will examine different perspectives on human rights court cases in Canada.

    Students will:

    Learn how universal consensus is a rarity in human rights discussions. They also learn the value of human rights in What Are Human Rights? on Level 2 and how to engage in a dialogue in a respectful manner in Rights Today on Level 5.

    Experience a Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms discovery activity in Canadian Journeys on Level 2.

    Participate in voting on human rights cases that have been debated in Canada’s courts. Pro and con arguments used in those court proceedings are explored in Protecting Rights on Level 3.

    Discuss how these decisions have impacted Canadian society.