School program: My Rights, Our Rights (Grades K to 4)

Program length: 60 minutes

A photo looking down into a gallery. A group of about 9 people stand inside of a large circle on the floor, with colourful lights creating circles around each of their feet. People are seated on benches that surround the circle.

Photo: CMHR, Aaron Cohen

School program details

Students discover the meaning of human rights and learn to respect each other’s rights through song and movement. This program uses a child‐friendly version of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as a foundation for learning outcomes. Students learn about empathy and how our actions can impact others.

Students will:

Learn about the rights we all have as human beings.

Experience a panoramic film that conveys Indigenous world views and ideas of rights, responsibilities and humanity in Indigenous Perspectives on Level 2.

Participate in a motion‐sensored light game called “Lights of Inclusion” in Canadian Journeys on Level 2. Students move and interact with one another, the circles of light blend and expand – a symbol of how our actions can affect and impact others.

Discuss the importance of inclusion, what’s fair, the concept of empathy as well as how to show respect for each other’s rights.