School program: Perspectives on Human Rights in Canada (Grades 5 to 8)

Program length: 75 minutes

View of Museum gallery. Text on colourful rectangles on a large exhibit wall which runs the length of the gallery. Below this timeline of events is a line of backlighted photos. On the right side of the frame there is a tall exhibit element featuring a nature scene and a circular wood structure. Partially obscured.

Photo: CMHR, Ian McCausland

School program details

The way people living in Canada think about human rights is shaped by pivotal moments in Canadian history.

Students will consider how throughout time, people’s understanding of human rights has changed. Students will learn about moments in Canadian history when rights were taken away or denied and develop an understanding of how rights are protected in Canada. Through exploration of the Museum’s stories and participation in activities, students will begin to understand the evolving nature of human rights and their role in protecting them.

Program messages:

  • Rights in Canada have been taken away or denied.
  • Rights in Canada have been recognized.
  • Rights in Canada are still evolving.