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Telling Our Stories: Residential School Experiences

Program length: 90 minutes

School program


    A Museum exhibit showing a black-and-white photo of children sitting in rows at school desks. Two desks, similar to those in the photo sit in the centre of the exhibit. A headline on a text panel reads “Childhood Denied.”

    Photo: CMHR, John Woods

    School program details

    Use primary source evidence to explore the truth and legacy of the Indian residential school system. Be inspired to act on reconciliation and make positive changes in your community.

    Students will:

    Learn about the Indian residential school system that removed culture and language from Indigenous children as well as the lasting effects of the system over many generations in Canadian Journeys (Childhood Denied) on Level 2.

    Experience the story of residential schools through video testimonials of survivors.

    Participate in an exploration of the process of reconciliation through the healing medium of artistic expression in Inspiring Change on Level 7 and taking part in a poetry group activity.

    Discuss the possible actions towards reconciliation and make their personal commitment to reconciliation.