School program: When Rights are Denied (Grades 9 - 12)

Program length: 120 minutes

This program has passed.

A young person leaning on a digital table reading exhibit content. In the background a Museum staff person shows a group how to use the table.

Photo: CMHR, Thomas Fricke

School program details

This program challenges students to witness a range of historical and contemporary world events as examples of what happen when human rights are denied. Charters and declarations help to protect our human rights but require ongoing vigilance to prevent grave violations. Together, we investigate primary and secondary sources of evidence and interact in dialogue exercises to explore our own concepts of freedom and discrimination.

Students will:

Learn the central concept of inherent human dignity and how its denial has been used to justify serious human rights violations followed by mass atrocities.

Experience the use of a classroom‐size high‐tech digital interactive study table to explore the parallels between mass atrocities around the world in Breaking the Silence on Level 4.

Participate in a film activity on the little‐known story of anti‐Semitism in Canada from 1930 to 1945 in Examining the Holocaust on Level 4.

Discuss their thoughts and feelings about freedom and speaking out against discrimination.