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Topics: Women‘s rights


Woman, Life, Freedom and the power of collective art

March 8, 2024

Cost: Free

Location: Canadian Museum for Human Rights Manitoba Teachers’ Society Classrooms, Level 1

Six marchers carry a long white banner with black capital letters that read WOMAN LIFE FREEDOM down a Toronto city street. Behind them, a parade of women carry other protest signs for international Woman's Day.

ᑕᐅᑐᒃᑕᕗᒃ Tautuktavuk (What We See)

March 8, 2024 to March 10, 2024

Cost: CMHR Members: Free, General Tickets: $10

Location: Dave Barber Cinematheque 100 Arthur St., Winnipeg

Two Inuit women sit in a dim room facing one another in intimate conversation. One is wearing a red sweater, the other a yellow sweater.

Woman, Life, Freedom

September 16, 2023 to March 10, 2024

Cost: This space is free to access

Location: The Forks North Portage Partnership Classroom Lobby

A white banner hangs on a wall, bearing the words "Woman, Life, Freedom" in black. Small coloured squares with text are attached to the banner around the text.


Ododo Wa: Stories of Girls in War

October 2019 to March 2025

The journey of two girls from Uganda who were abducted and held captive for years by a rebel group. Later, they discovered the power of using their voices to seek justice for women who survived captivity with the LRA.

A group of young women and girls in their teens stand together on the front porch of a building. Most are dressed in white blouses and blue skirts, with two girls also wearing blue sweaters. To the right, a doorway reveals a roomful of students sitting at wooden desks and writing on notepads.


Voices of women and girls in war

By Isabelle Masson

Grace and Evelyn were abducted by the Lord’s Resistance Army in Uganda when they were just girls. They managed to find their way back to freedom but have faced many new struggles since they returned home.

A woman is holding a baby, while four men in army fatigues stand beside and behind her. They are all standing in front of a forest, posed for the camera.

Rohingya women call for justice

By Paula Kelly

A group of Rohingya women and men carry young children and belongings as they walk in a line over an earthen dike over a stretch of water.

Five women all Canadians should know

By Matthew McRae

The year 2016 marks a century since women in Canada first got the right to vote and so it seems like a fine time to celebrate the achievements of Canadian women.

 Six red dresses are suspended in air on hangers in front of a backdrop. The backdrop features an image of a birch wood forest with more red dresses hanging in it.

Exploring women’s rights and gender equality

By Chloe Rew

If I were alive in Canada before 1929, I would not have been considered a person. “Persons” under the British North America Act referred only to men.

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