Métis Rights Tour

Sarah Watkins / CMHR


This guided tour (75 minutes) will take you through the Museum’s core exhibits and introduces you to historical and contemporary Métis rights experiences. The tour uses the colours of the Métis sash as a roadmap to explore early expressions of democratic rights like the Rules of the Buffalo Hunt, up to ongoing efforts for justice and recognition in Canada in response to the human rights violations that have shaped and mobilized the Métis nation. Visitors will see the world’s largest Métis beaded artwork, which illustrates a story by renowned author Maria Campbell about the destruction of Métis communities and expulsion from their lands. They will also come to understand the role and impact of Métis leader Louis Riel by tracing the story of the Métis nation from early settlement and strife to cultural and political resurgence.

Group tours can be booked by calling 204-289-2238. Space is limited. Five (5) days advance notice is preferred. Group size can range from a minimum of 6 to a maximum of 25 people.

The cost is $5 per person plus admission.