Euromaidan virtual reality experience

Museum hosts Canadian launch

Friday, October 25, 2019

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Two people laying red flowers at a memorial. In the background a dozen other people are standing in front of debris, such as rocks, metal sheeting and cement barriers painted with blue and yellow Ukrainian flags and lettering.

Photo: spoilt.exile, Kiev, Ukraine, CC BY-SA 2.0 1

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Beginning in November 2013, Ukrainian citizens gathered at Independence Square in Kyiv to hold a series of spontaneous demonstrations calling for greater respect for human rights and closer integration with Europe. Government security forces responded with violence. By the end of the demonstrations in February 2014, 104 people were killed, 2,500 had been injured, and the government was changed. It became known as the Revolution of Dignity, and the wave of demonstrations were called “Euromaidan.”




CMHR, Manitoba Teachers Society Classrooms on Level 1

To remember the Euromaidan victims and reaffirm a commitment to human rights, the Museum is pleased to partner with the Ukrainian Embassy to Canada to launch a virtual reality (VR) reconstruction of the toughest days of the Revolution of Dignity.

Using virtual reality technology, you will be able to walk the streets in Kyiv and hear from eyewitnesses to the demonstrations.

Ambassador of Ukraine to Canada Andriy Shevchenko will bring opening remarks along with Museum President and CEO Dr. John Young and Alexey Furman, Creative Director of Aftermath VR: Euromaidan.

Aftermath VR: Euromaidan will be toured across Canada in 2019–2020.

Please note that seating is limited for this event.

spoilt.exile, Kiev, Ukraine, CC by‐sa 2.0