July 1: Celebrating our Indigenous strength and Canadian connections

An activity to show respect, appreciation and solidarity and to strengthen our treaty relationships with each other

July 1, 2024

This event has passed.

Pieces of crafted Indigenous- style clothing, including an orange shirt, pair of pants and made from colourful fabric and ribbon is are laid against a piece of craft paper adorned with flowers and berries. The clothing is includes an orange shirt, a pair of pants with ribbons and a pink tunic decorated with colourful fabric, appliqués and ribbons. The tunic has with a feathered shawl on the shoulders. Partially obscured.

Photo: Marilyn Dykstra

Event details

Stuart Clark Garden of Contemplation
Language and Accessibility:
This program will be offered in English and French.

Indigenous cultural clothing represents the rich cultural heritage and identity of Indigenous communities. Each garment and design hold significant meaning, storytelling and spiritual connection to the land, ancestors and community. Wearing cultural clothing is a powerful way to express pride, resilience and cultural revitalization that honours the traditions and knowledge passed down through generations. It also helps to promote cultural awareness, understanding and reconciliation as we strengthen our treaty relationships.

All visitors are invited to make a mini ribbon skirt, ribbon shirt or ribbon pants to take home to proudly display their respect, appreciation and solidarity with Indigenous peoples and to help preserve and celebrate the diversity of Indigenous cultures and our relationships with each other within Wahkowtowin (kinship).

Wahkowtowin reminds us that we are all related and, as Canadians, we are the threads that keep this country strong