Corporate Reports

The Canadian Museum for Human Rights is a distinct legal entity, wholly-owned by the Crown, which operates at arm’s length from the Government in its day to day operations, activities and programming. Under the Museums Act, the Museum’s Board of Trustees serves as its governing body and is accountable to Parliament for the stewardship of the Museum, through the Minister of Canadian Heritage and Official Languages.

The Museum is governed by the regime for Crown Corporation control and accountability established under Part X of the Financial Administration Act. The Museum is also required to comply with a range of provisions in other statutes, including: the Federal Accountability Act; the Access to Information Act; the Privacy Act; and the Official Languages Act and Regulations, among others.

The Museum has made a commitment to meet or exceed recognized best practices of corporate governance. To this end, it has begun putting in place the policies, procedures and systems that are conducive to sound management and accountability, including clarity of objectives and expectations, clear lines of accountability; transparency in the application of and compliance with rules; and a culture based on a solid ethical foundation.