Get Involved

What can you do in your everyday life to support and champion human rights?

In the Museum there are hundreds of inspiring stories of children and adults who have:

  • planned events 
  • founded organizations 
  • raised money to promote and protect rights.

Some other actions taken by individuals and groups include: 

  • speaking out
  • marching and protesting
  • writing letters, books and blogs
  • creating artworks
  • fighting legal battles
  • lobbying to bring about positive change

You can become a rights defender

When you see injustice and consider possible solutions, you may be inspired to join a group. Or you may start your own rights project. Getting involved can begin with awareness of how your choices affect others. Just by deciding not to laugh at a racist joke, or by speaking up when someone is bullied, you become a rights defender.

You can support universal rights through the products you choose

Another way to get involved is to learn about the products you use, from cell phones to leather goods; chocolate bars to coffee. They may be produced in ways that exploit or endanger workers – including child labourers – or harm the clean environment to which everyone is entitled. You can show your support for universal rights, such as fair payment for work and freedom from slavery, by choosing to buy products that are ethically sourced. 

You can share responsibility for safeguarding human rights

The more you participate in dialogue about human rights, the more you’ll notice that people’s rights are being denied, from the playground to the international arena. What steps can you take to share responsibility? How will your choices change the human rights picture?