Record Your Story

Record Your Story

Record Your Story

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Before you start

To help you share your story, we will a few simple questions to guide you. The questions are:

  1. Tell us your story of a human rights experience.
  2. How did this story make you feel?
  3. Was there a person, group or organization involved in the story that inspired your respect for human rights?
  4. How did this story or experience affect your views about human rights?
  5. Is there anything else about the story that you would like to share?
  6. What would you like people to take away from your story?

You will have one minute to answer each question. A timer will show you how much time is left.

You can stop at any time or keep talking until the timer runs out. Whenever you’re ready, complete the information below and select the button that says “Start Recording.”

Before you start, please answer a few questions.

Review and accept story release agreements.

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