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Author: Barbara Stowe


Barbara Stowe (she/her) was raised by impassioned activists, Greenpeace co‐founders Irving and Dorothy Stowe. In 1970, when she was a young teenager, Barbara's family home morphed into Ground Zero for Greenpeace’s first campaign. Now a BC‐based writer, Barbara continues to sometimes engage in activism, as in 2018, when she and her brother Bob were arrested — along with scores of others — for peaceful civil disobedience against the Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion project in Burnaby, BC.


The Amchitka Campaign

By Barbara Stowe

Music played a key role in the founding of Greenpeace. Joni Mitchell, James Taylor and others played a benefit concert to raise money for its momentous first mission.

A boat in the water with mountains and clouds in the background. Its sail is decorated with large peace signs.