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Topics: Cultural rights


Holiday Programming

November 11, 2023 to January 6, 2024


Location: In the Museum

A female musician dressed in a red, sleeveless dress is playing a gold saxophone.


Beyond the Beat: Music of Resistance and Change

February to September 2024

Music can be a powerful force for social and political change. Explore stories of artists who have used their voices and platforms to advance causes and advocate for change.

A digital illustration showing a crowd clapping and raising their hands. The background shows a pixelated green soundwave shape and blue and black graffiti-like designs with neon-coloured diagonal lines radiating out from the center.


Language rights are human rights

By Rémi Courcelles

A stop sign and street sign in both English and French are seen in front of trees.

Bringing the potlatch home

By Matthew McRae

A black and white image of an elderly woman with white hair holding a mask that is shaped and painted to represent a bird’s head. It features a long beak with an open mouth and feathers attached to the top of the head. The woman is looking directly at the mask she is holding.