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Author: Julia Peristerakis


Julia Peristerakis is Curator, Social movements and change. She oversees the Actions Count and Inspiring Change galleries and has curated several temporary exhibitions.


Face the music: Canadian musicians and human rights

By Julia Peristerakis

Music is a universal language that transcends geographic and cultural barriers. Music moves us in a way that words alone cannot. But it can do much more than evoke emotion.

Two women and a man stand on a stage while a group of people in white shirts stand on risers behind them. The woman in the centre is waving to someone off-camera, and the man on the right is holding a microphone.

Jody Williams and the campaign to ban landmines

By Julia Peristerakis

A woman sitting on a chair with hands clasped looks thoughtfully ahead, as if answering a question.

Travis Price’s act of kindness

By Julia Peristerakis

Six teenagers and a middle-aged woman stand with their arms around each other and are smiling for the camera. They are all wearing pink shirts.