An exciting new year for the Canadian Museum for Human Rights

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Happy New Year to all of our friends, supporters and future visitors!

This year promises to be an extremely exciting one for the Canadian Museum for Human Rights. 

The keys to our awesome new building will be handed over to us in a few months. We can then move in and create the powerful galleries, exhibits and other content designed to inspire visitors to act on behalf of human rights. I would like to acknowledge PCL Construction and the subcontractors for their hard work in bringing Winnipeg’s newest icon to life. 

This year, we’ll announce our opening date. We have talked about our inauguration taking place in 2014 for some time now, but we will be in a position in the coming months to provide a firm date for our grand opening. 

We’ll complete the shift from planning to operations in 2013. We’ll begin installing exhibits in 47,000 square feet of gallery space.  We’ll finalize the inaugural content.

We’ll continue to make strides in museum accessibility and inclusive design, building on the work done to date with our Inclusive Design Advisory Council and our National Testing Group. 

We’ll build on the great success of November’s Holodomor lecture series to continue to offer opportunities for Canadians of all ages to learn about human rights issues, even before we open our doors. And we’ll continue to develop our plans for education and public programs to ensure the Museum experience – in person, online, or in the classroom – reaches as many Canadians as possible.

We Day Manitoba 2012: Youth as Leaders activity 


Looking back at 2012, we celebrated some important milestones in the Museum’s development. The installation of the last piece of glass in September marked a significant step toward the completion of the exterior elements of the building.  

Installation of the last piece of glass

The burn-in of the tower lights just a couple of weeks ago was another. Thanks to funding flexibility from the Government of Canada and the Province of Manitoba announced in July, we were able to confirm our inauguration year of 2014. 

 Burn-in of the tower lights

I have never felt more exhilarated about this project than I do now, nor more proud of team of people who have taken what was once nothing more than idea, and built it into what we see today.  And we’re not done yet.

I invite you stay in touch with us. Read our blog. Follow us on Twitter. “Like” our Facebook page.

It’s “full steam ahead” until our doors are open. We will continue to have new stories and new achievements to share with you.


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